Productions by year

Business Affairs May 2012

2023: Sleeping Beauty

2022: Dirty Dusting

2022: The Wizard Of Oz

2021: The Good Old Days

2020: Snow White

2019:  Cinderella   Don’t Blame it on the Boots!  Caramba’s Revenge

2018:  Aladdin    Fish Out of Water      The Reunion

2017: Beauty and the Beast  Play On!     Drinking Habits

2016: Jack & the Beanstalk, Half an Idea/A Small Affair  Murdered to Death

2015: The Good, The Bad and The Panto,   Run For Your Wife  The Odd Couple

2014: Captain Hook’s Revenge, Vintage Hitchcock, Entertaining Angels

2013: Alice The PantoCalendar Girls, Prescription for Murder

2012: King Arthur; Business Affairs; A Foot in the Door

2011: Robinson Crusoe; Pygmalion; The Titfield Thunderbolt

2010: Aladdin; Caught in the Net; A Murder Is Announced

2009: Beauty and the Beast; When we are Married; Don’t Dress for Dinner

2008: Snow White; Out of Order; Out of Focus

2007: Dick Whittington; ‘Allo ‘Allo; Separate Tables

2006: Cinderella; Stepping Out; Wedding of the Year

2005: The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe; Three into One; Agatha Crispie

2004: Ali Baba &the Forty Thieves; Post Horn Gallop; Murder in Company

2003: Puss in Boots; It Could Be Any One of Us; A Bedfull of Foreigners

2002: The Sleeping Beauty; Cash on Delivery; Close to the Wind

2001: Little Red Riding Hood; Hand over Fist; Suddenly at Home

2000: Old Father Time; Millennium Milestones; Sand Castles

1999: Jack &the Beanstalk; How the Other Half Loves; It Runs in the Family

1998: Aladdin; A Tomb with a View; Ladies Who Lunch

1997: Dick Turpin; Local Affairs; The Ghost Train

1996: Cinderella; Holiday Snap; Pardon Me Prime Minister

1995: Robinson Crusoe; Just Cruising (Cluedo); Two and Two Make Sex

1994: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; The Haunted Through Lounge & Recessed Dining Room at Farndale Castle; Deadly Nightcap

1993: The European Tour; Caught on the Hop; Kindly Leave the Stage

1992: Babes in the Wood; Relative Strangers; Tons of Money

1991: Mother Goose; Surprise Package; My Friend Miss Flint

1990: Frankenstein the Panto; Laugh, I Nearly Went to Miami; Murder at the Vicarage

1989: Sleeping Beauty; Happy Event; Raise the Roof

1988: Now We Are Ten; Cat on the Fiddle; Somewhere to Hide

1987: Aladdin; Key for Two; There Goes the Bride

1986: Cinderella; Outside Edge; A Murder Is Announced

1985: Cheek to Cheek; Busybody; Shock Tactics

1984: In Defence of Hedgehogs; Wild Goose Chase; Move Over Mrs Markham

1983: Dick Whittington; Time and Time Again

1982: Rumplestiltskin; The Day’s Mischief; A Bedfull of Foreigners

1981: Jack and the Beanstalk; Suddenly at Home; Fringe Benefits

1980: Snow White; Children’s Day; Relatively Speaking

1979: No Time for Fig Leaves; The Anniversary

1978: This Desirable Cottage; Fish out of Water